Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Job and making plans.

I did end up finding a job, which is a relief. It is always nice knowing there is steady income to pay bills. On the downside I have less time to paint and draw but I am still trying to keep up the flow on the weekends and evenings.

Here are a few I've completed since the move to the great Northeast.

Air-Head 5"x7"

Home Security 4"x6"

Inspired 5"x7"

Untitled 6"x6"

This may or may not be a self portrait.

Don't forget I accept a limited amount of commissions and it is a new year! Please feel free to send me an email at to discuss a piece of art you would like created.

On a side note I have plans to visit a close friend of mine, fellow artist, Juliet Harrison, in a week and I am wholly looking forward to the time with her. I am also meeting with another artist who was gracious enough to help spread their wisdom in the art field to someone anxious to learn all they can from anyone who will share. 

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