Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anatomical Equine Study - Vortex

Sometimes our soul takes us some place dark. In dark, I do not mean evil but more like the exploration of an old dusty attic in a relative's house, mysterious and exciting. The exploration of the unknown, the quickness in your heartbeat in an empty house on a stormy night after watching a horror movie. This piece "Vortex" was exactly that for me. Different moods and feelings can create different kinds of art and as I was sketching anatomical studies I was inspired for this piece. "Vortex" is available for purchase for $350.00 an acrylic on panel, 16"x8".

To purchase this piece e-mail me at with "Votex" in the subject line.

Farm landscape painting.

Here is a painting of a local farm, Acrylic on canvas (9"x12"). Available for sale for $275.00. I really enjoyed painting the light on the silver roof and white walls of the barn. Every painting I paint I learn a little more. I find painting is a great way to relax and let the stress of work just melt into the background. This piece is available for purchase along with the Boot Still Life painting, Acrylic on canvas, $250.00 (14"x11").

If you are interested in purchasing a piece please contact me at and list art in the subject line.

Boots - A Still Life

Time for a still life painting!!! I decided to use some boots that don't seem to fit very well for a different purpose. Sooooo... I set them up and painted away. Here you'll see the result.