Monday, April 28, 2008

Wilbur - Grumpy Old Man

This is a work in progess. As you see here I have most of the shapes plotted out and I'm begining to work on the details.

Wilbur foundered when he was younger and now to prevent him from doing it again he wears a grazing muzzle when he is outside. The muzzle allows him to be outside for most of the day, enjoying the sunshine, while making sure he does not overindulge himself. He comes in the early afternoon to get his lunch of hay and gets turned back out again after he is done.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This painting was the result of inspiration from a friend's One Hot Krymsun gelding, Toby.

My husband and I try to make it out to Quarter Horse Congress every year. The reference shots for this painting were taken in 2006 and I have just now gotten around to using them. Seems there are always things in life to occupy our time.. and distract us from using our time constructively. This painting will be sent to our friends as a thank you. I hope they enjoy it. They are fantastic people and I am so pleased to know them.