Saturday, January 24, 2015

2014 Was a Whirlwind and I am behind on the blog posts.

I just wanted to post a quick check in. 2014 was a whirlwind of a year. I started off by taking SmArt School with Dan Dos Santos. As an artist, there is no end to the learning. In order to grow as artists, as people we must learn and grow. We venture out into the unknown and practice is a constant. Sketching for an artist is something that looks much like an obsession. We carry sketchbooks and pencils everywhere, our eyes glaze over at shinny new pens or a bright new pad of paper. Artists may very well be some of the oddest people you will ever meet. They follow their soul and passion, rejecting the norm of society. We are the outsiders that speak with images, sculpture, dance or music.

I ran off on a bit of a tangent there.. forgive me. My mind does wander so. Back to 2014 review.

This summer I attended IMC (Illustration Master Class) in Amherst, Mass. with ridiculously talented and kind and supportive instructors, where I found faeries with Brian Froud. The week long workshop is a full immersion with about 90 fellow artists. We live on campus, sleep in dorm rooms, eat in the car, and spend hours in the art studio tweaking our work, watching live demos and listening to lectures from professionals that have successful careers in illustration. An experience I won't soon forget and will be repeating in 2015!

So with no further ado.. here are paintings from 2014.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th Dr. Who!

As a geek at heart, I have fond memories of watching episodes of Dr. Who on public television.  As a person who loves a good story, Dr. Who always had fun tales to tell. The Doctor and his companions were always off to the next great adventure. I was captivated by space and all of the different aliens. The stories fueled my imagination and still have an influence on me today.

In honor of those memories and the Doctor's 50th, todays drawing is Doctor Who themed.

I decided on one of the Cybermen for my subject. A little 4.5"x6.5" drawing which is available for sale $35.00.

If you are interested you can message me here

"You will be deleted"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013



For those who don't know what it's like to be an artist, I'd like to talk about practice and what really goes into a finished painting or drawing.

Artists are driven individuals. They hold a passion for creating and in order to improve their skill, they must constantly draw, sketch or paint. Keeping up the level of technical skill in order to create their finished pieces. Many artists have a level of talent but it is nothing without hard work and consistency. The creative mind must be honed, sharpened. It is a way of seeing and translating what they see to what they create with their medium of choice and this is something that takes practice. It's all about milage. The more you do the better you become as with any skill.

The key is loving what you do and enjoying the journey.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

IMC _ Illustrators Master Class 2014

I am excited to announce that I will be attending the IMC next summer in Massachusetts.

I was most fortunate to hear about this workshop from a very talented and hard-working artist, Travis Louie (please check out his work here, this January and tried to sign up for the 2013 class (which is in June) in February but to my surprise the workshop was full!

I did get to drop by last years workshop for a day to see what the students were creating. It is truly breathtaking to see the creation of the artwork that was being created as well as the camaraderie between students. A small community that meet for a common goal. To learn and share a passion for creation. It's a beautiful thing!

So much of the artist's life is often spent in isolation. Hours and hours in front of a piece of paper or canvas. It is so nice to see what happens when you have a group of like minds with different influences and inspiration come together in the same room.

There are amazing instructors, professional illustrators in their own right, teaching and giving demos and lectures. It's like ... paradise!

Needless to say.. I'm excited and looking forward to learning all I can.  Until then I will be sketching and painting up a storm. The more practice the better. It is a never ending process.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Sketches available for sale.

I have many sketches available for sale at a bargain price until the new year.  If you aren't following me on instagram (jenifertrottier) or Facebook ( be sure to follow along!!! I'm keeping very busy!

This "Woodland Queen" is available for $40.00. Sketches are posted as they are completed or feel free to contact me for a commissioned piece. (Quick sketches are $25.00 and those with lots of detail work are available for $40.00) All are approximately 6"x8".


Sunday, February 3, 2013

What do you want to be when you grow up?

How come this question is so easy to answer as a child but so difficult to decide when you are an adult in the working world? Did I  waste my college years on education that was not specific enough? Was there something that I could have focused on that would have landed me in some career that would have benefitted both me and my employer? Should I go back to school? Get a degree in Graphic Design or computer animation or concept design? Would it pay off? Could I get hired after acquiring more debt? If I don't try how will I know? (thoughts that run through my head).

After having picked up and left Jersey to come north and join my family in the great white freeze I am looking for an entirely new direction. Perhaps it's time to move again? I don't know yet. I still plug along with what I have and try to think of different paths I might enjoy more. Something that would be more fulfilling.

Any ideas?

Recent developments:  I have volunteered to be a friend's guinea pig for her new upstart as career counselor. I think I may be a bit daunting as her first project as I often feel as though I was blindfolded and spun around until I've lost all sense of direction and now stumble around in the dark looking for what it is that would make me happy. It's not to say that I am "unhappy".  I just think there is room for improvement.

I have also decided to switch mediums from acrylic to oils. I have been fighting with the acrylics and blending ability and I am hoping that this will help, besides I loved oils in college and absolutely hated acrylics. I avoided them at all costs. I have come leaps and bounds from where I was in college and hope that going back to a medium I loved then will help me grow even further.

Affirmation: I will travel this year. I will go to Saratoga Springs to surround myself with great friends and creative people, Juliet Harrison, Kimberly Santini, Linda Shantz and Sharon Simons-Passmore.

Oh and I sent a friend a fishing themed painting "baited". She should get it along with "Inspired" this week. I can't wait to see what she says.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Job and making plans.

I did end up finding a job, which is a relief. It is always nice knowing there is steady income to pay bills. On the downside I have less time to paint and draw but I am still trying to keep up the flow on the weekends and evenings.

Here are a few I've completed since the move to the great Northeast.

Air-Head 5"x7"

Home Security 4"x6"

Inspired 5"x7"

Untitled 6"x6"

This may or may not be a self portrait.

Don't forget I accept a limited amount of commissions and it is a new year! Please feel free to send me an email at to discuss a piece of art you would like created.

On a side note I have plans to visit a close friend of mine, fellow artist, Juliet Harrison, in a week and I am wholly looking forward to the time with her. I am also meeting with another artist who was gracious enough to help spread their wisdom in the art field to someone anxious to learn all they can from anyone who will share.