Monday, October 8, 2012

Times they are a changin.

Often times there are great upheavals in our lives. Changes that make us throw everything we have known, our daily routine, in the garbage and start from scratch. These rearrangements in life are usually scary, most change after all is. I have come to such a point in my life. Everything I thought would be my future was changed a couple years ago and I adjusted, but only partly, to my new life. As of the beginning of this month, October, I have forced change on myself. I have moved to another state hoping that I will build a new future. I have dropped my secure job for unemployment, albeit searching again currently to replace the income in order to be closer to family.

As I have been away from "home" for about 15 years, I must start from scratch. I must learn to bend with the blowing storm. Only time will tell what the future holds, but then what's new?  The future is always a mystery.

In the meantime I have been busy drawing away. Ideas perhaps for paintings to come. Also, I have a dog commission portrait I am eager to begin once I get my new palette. New paintings to come soon!

Wishes to all of you for a bright happy day, today and every one hereafter!

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