Thursday, July 9, 2009

Virtual Painting Party

Thanks to artists Linda Shantz and Kimberly Santini for organizing the latest painting party. The virtual painting party is a bunch of artists working off the same reference photo using it to produce each individual artist's vision from that photo. The result is a very different array of artwork from the same reference source.

This was my first time joining in the creative fun and I had a great time! As I had a pretty busy July 4th weekend, spending most of my time at the barn riding, I had a hard time finding a moment to slow down and get my painting in. Friday evening I worked about an hour and a half on my piece with the following result.


Leonardo Da Vinci once said that "artwork is never finshed only abandoned." well lets just say I was not ready to abandon this painting even after the party was over.. so after a couple more hours I reworked the piece to the finished product you see below.

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